Our team

Aurélien Dulor

Founder Parthner

Graduate of the Institut Supérieur du Commerce de Paris Finance Major in 2003, Aurélien Dulor began his career as Key Accounts Manager and Structured Finance at Calyon, Vietnam.

He made the choice to go abroad in Asia from 2003 to 2009. Six years he spent in the bank and the management of a Vietnamese subsidiary of a group of French textile.

In this way, he has developed expertise in corporate finance and tested his managing capacity with responsibility for 500 employees. Then, Aurélien get back to Bordeaux and incorporated a merger and acquisition consultancy firm, Trans-missions, and took responsibility for the development of Merger-Acquisition department.

Passionate about wine and vested in this environment since always, Aurélien decided to create TransMillésimes with his father in 2012, to make the most of the experience gained in the service of his passion.

Jacques E. Dulor

Senior Partner

47 years ago, Jacques Dulor starting up his brilliant career as Commercial Director of the French leader in dairy packaging. With his success, he consequently took a position as Director of the Lyonnaise des Eaux. This post he held for 15 years, gave him the responsibility of various subsidiaries. Following these experiences, he decided to create his own company of Promotion Merchants properties. Since Jacques DULOR is on many fronts in the business world:

  • Director of the House Owners Bordeaux – UNPI (since 1974)
  • Advising Real Estate Developers major (Vinci Immobilier, Bouygues Immobilier, Cogedim Nexity, Safran Real Estate, …) (since 1998)
  • Chairman of the Synar (National Union Renovation of Aquitaine (since 2009)

In 2012, Jacques Dulor accompanies his son into the adventure TransMillésimes to bring his experience in the business world, and transmit ethos and love of work that accompanied his career.

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