& methodology

TransMillesimes supports the whole Cession process : Evaluation, preparation of the information memorandum, identification of S.W.O.T, contact with the targets, negotiation and transaction closing.

Preparation Targeting
  • Definition of the mission
  • Collect of information
  • Evaluation & analysis
  • Analysis of the SWOT
  • Market research and setting up of a blind profile of the property
  • Constitution of a presentation memo

Approach of the potential investor
  • Targeting of the potential investor according to the SWOT
  • Contact with the target trough the blind profile
  • Collect of the non-disclosure agreement
  • Presentation of the property through the memo

Negotiation phase
  • Meeting and interview of the potential investor
  • Collect of the offer
  • Multilateral negotiation
  • Selection of the best offer
  • Private agreement « inter partes »

  • Supervision of the technical, financial and legal audits
  • Validation of administrative permission
  • Finalization and supervision of legal acts
  • Support during the closing of the deal

TransMillesimes uses different steps process to close successful transaction: Analysis of your strategy, rational identification, research, contacts and evaluations of targets, negotiations, support through every steps of the transaction.

You are...

A Private

Diversification of your legacy
/ Passionate investment.


External development
/ Synergy

Investment Funds
& Family office


of an Acquisition

  • Targets identification matching with the strategic issues of the clients
  • Knowledge of local business and main actors in order to obtain the best opportunities
  • Realization by a Partner of an audit of the soil, the vineyard and the wine for an accurate analysis between the state of the property and the client’s investment’s purpose.
  • Know-how creating compromises to serve the best acquisition strategy
  • Control of financial tools for a structured transaction
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