Consultancy & engineering

To maximize the success of a business,
TransMillésimes brings its expertise in the creation
and optimization of resources thereof.

and structuring
of financial assets

With their experience in banking and business, TransMillésimes’ associates and employees support their clients during fundraising operations.

TransMillésimes is alongside its clients to negotiate with their banking partners. The establishment of funding must be consistent with their needs and activities.

Thanks to its know-how and network, TransMillésimes assists customers in opening their capital to new partners (financial or industrial) and accompany them throughout the process.

Creation of
Foncier Viticole”

TransMillésimes provides a personal advice service to its clients in the organization of their assets, especially through the creation of a « Groupement Foncier Viticole » (GFV).
A GFV is a company created to possess the vineyard and the real estate assets of a property, offering large fiscal advantages. It is designed to be farmed by another company for its exploitation. TransMillésimes oversee the constitution and the commercialization of share of GFV, to investors looking for a diversification of their assets in the wine and spirit industry.
It offer possibilities, for professional of wine business, of establishment or growth operation, without support costs of the acquisition of the real estate (vineyard and buildings).

TransMillésimes also work at the entrance of new investors, as shareholders of current GFV, to allow historical shareholders to liberate funds for growth operations on their exploitation, through the sale of their assessment basis. They’ll retain the exploitation of this part of the vineyard.

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