Spirit & value

TransMillésimes : a state of mind

The wine industry is a competitive field, that requires preparation and knowledge of this market.

TransMillésimes provides an additional experience through market researches, feasibility, financing and legal approach to the wine realm. Its goal is to prepare and assist its client in the best conditions, for its growth or transfer operation.

At the heart of a network of renowned professionals, TransMillésimes will also guide its clients to specialized partners in legal and financial audits, to solve every problematics with the best possible solution.

Confidentiality is a duty. Accordingly, TransMillésimes offers an utmost discretion in its dealings, a privilege that all our clients benefit from.

Positioned as a partner of companies in the wine industry, TransMillésimes is mandated for consultancy and guidance for new structures or traditional players of the Bordeaux wine world.

Our Values

A human sized firm, attendant of Bordeaux’ famous terroir.
TransMillésimes associates and employees provide owners and managers of wine and spirits businesses, a range of personalized services, based on their excellent ethics, network and experience, gained throughout many successful deals, closed those last few years, in France and abroad.







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